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About Avant-garde -  The Ideology

Avant-garde Creative Architecture, is  a pioneer company offering state-of the-art designs in the field of architecture for over 20 years.Having completed more than 600 buildings, this mastermind company has an endless passion for innovating ideas using interplay of Nature and Space.


Our ideology is centered on creating "SMART DESIGNS", involving Art-Nature-Technology to produce a symphony in Space design.


In Avant-garde, architecture is reinvented in present day context, based on strong fundamental design principles, practiced and learnt from world over. Our efforts are to offer world-class creative buildings and redefine the way we live and think. At Avant-garde, quality is a way of life and we pledge to strive in making each and every product a unique masterpiece and every experience a memorable pleasure for life.


The visionary Duo Adil Ahmed and Sanjay Kakde, founders of Avant-garde and Halcyon homes (an investment initiative) , proudly showcase to you, our architecture of present and the future.

Working with Avant-garde



We believe that the success of our projects is based on our commitment to serving our clients. 

We are creative. We are loyal to our clients and their needs and we are grateful for each and every opportunity. 

  1. The personal attention of Avant-garde is guaranteed through out the process. Our plans are based on conversations with you about what you are trying to achieve. No project is ever the same, which makes each job unique and interesting. The scope of your project, your budget or your location does not impact the care or level of service you receive.

  2. At Avant-garde, Our Team works for you.Our Architects and Engineers will do their best to educate you and provide you with information so you can make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

  3. Accountability, Compassion, Excellence and Integrity are the core principles that we use to guide our practice.



The Process


Avant-garde Architects uses a process in developing your project. While no two projects or clients are exactly the same, the process will follow similar steps. Depending on the size and scope of your project, some steps will overlap and others may not occur. 


  1. Development of Client Program

    • Develop preliminary scope of work.

    • Develop desired space allocations for rooms and/or areas.

    • Develop overall strategy for the house/property.

  2. Site Analysis / Building Analysis

    • Maximum building area in accordance with local zoning requirements/analysis of existing circulation and use.

    • Site Orientation for design of spaces and adjacencies.

    • Views

  3. Schematic Design

    • Prepare Schemes in sketch form and plans for the Client to review his requirements.

    • Prepare formal set of Schematic Design Drawings to discuss with the client / consultants / contractors.

    • Solicit proposals and drawings from required Consultants and Structural Engineers.

  4. Design Development

    • Select building materials for project.

    • Incorporate materials into Architectural Design Drawings.

    • Submit Design Development Drawings to Contractor.

    • Incorporate amendments into drawings.

  5. Construction Documents

    • Develop detailed Construction Documents from Design Development drawings.

      1. These Drawings will be dimensioned plans, building sections and elevations as required to build the job.

      2. Specifications for any fixtures and finishes that have been selected.

  6. Construction Administration

    • Visit the site to document construction progress to ensure the drawings are being followed.

    • Review samples provided by Client or Contractor finalised by architect before installations.

    • Trouble shoot with contractor and client on any unforseen conditions or client requested changes.

    • Providing Field Sketches and documentation.


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